Rewind back to a day which should have been spent studying whilst at Harper Adams University. Instead procrastination took hold and got us thinking and researching the artisan process of creating vodka. We discovered that this process of distilling vodka resulted in a much higher quality product and decided to create our own, RK Vodka. We wanted to combine the quality of a handmade spirit with the brand image of a household name, creating the best of both worlds. 

​The hardest part of producing a high quality vodka, is achieving a smooth finish, whilst maintaining character. Sugar beet is our main ingredient, providing delicate notes of vanilla for a sweeter taste. Paired with being unfiltered and distilled just once in our copper stills, RK Vodka retains a flawlessly smooth finish, with the character to hold it's own in a drink. 

By sourcing our sugar beet from Suffolk, and basing ourselves deep in the heart of England, we are able to stay a classic British brand, whilst embracing the heritage of vodka.

 We provide a personal experience for each client, warmly welcoming you into the RK family. Thank you for supporting us. Cheers! 

Kiron and Zan - Founders of RK