We first met Tom and Emily during the 2019 Gravity event, since then we have remained good friends and continue to work together on some really exciting events and projects.
Established in November 2018, SplitSmiths is a husband and wife team. The original idea came from their passion for the hospitality industry and classic cars.
Why SplitSmiths? 'Split' because it's a split screen camper, 'Smiths' Emily’s maiden name.
Imported from Mexico the 1966 Volkswagen split screen was created over a 2-year period, perfectly restored and converted into a luxury vintage boutique bar specifically designed for corporate functions and weddings, and also anywhere where people require a beverage service served from an iconic classic car.
SplitSmiths is a mobile luxury vintage bar you can hire for weddings and parties. Crafted by the team at Absolute Volkwagen, the bar occupies a beautifully converted 1966 Volkswagen split screen bus.
Fine craftsmanship and an equally fine drinks selection ensure the SplitSmiths bus is a hit at every event.                                                                                                    SplitSmiths
SplitSmiths Drinks has been passionately created by Tom & Emily, founders of SplitSmiths, a luxury mobile bar in a converted 1966 VW splitscreen bus.
Since 2018, the team at SplitSmiths have spent many hours travelling many miles across the UK, during this time they have discovered some hidden gems within the drink industry. 
Their aim is not only to provide a luxury bar but to share what they have found along the way, and to bring them straight to your door. Their aspiration is to stock a range of products that are different and exciting, unique and intriguing, that are distilled by like minded people that have the same passion and vision as Tom and Emily.
So far this is what they have found and feel that it is definitely worth sipping with friends. You are going to see a lot more of RK and SplitSmiths together, with our new press car and the VW camper side by side for upcoming events. 
Take a look for yourself - SPLITSMITHS

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