'SlammedUK is one of the largest automotive lifestyle brands in the UK. I started the brand back in 2013 with a friend of mine without any real intentions but it has grown from strength to strength. Around 2015 I decided that i'd also like to do my own event, having exhibited at most of the large car shows around Europe I believed I could bring something new to the table, so Gravity was born. Gravity now in it's 5th year is widely known as one of the best modified car shows in the country and we're growing from strength to strength each year. I first met the RK Vodka boys at a networking event and have since been working with them for Gravity Show and social media marketing. They attended Gravity Show 2019 and provided a fantastic cocktail bar for my pre-event party as well as working with one of our other drinks exhibitors on the live event day. Working with the RK Vodka boys has been great and I'm looking forward to seeing what we do together in future.'

- Slammed UK Founder, Jordan Clarke  




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