The ever popular teal wax seal was perfect for our first collaboration bottle with LetstanceUK. After speaking with the guys and seeing what they were all about we are extremely pleased to be working with them to introduce RK Vodka to N.Ireland. 

Letstance UK

'In 2014 LetstanceUK started as a mixed brand car show based in Belfast, N.Ireland. The show was well attended and gave us a solid foundation to build on. Over the next year or so LetstanceUK became not just a car show but an Automotive Brand. We started selling stickers, lanyards and other accessories at car meets etc which helped promote the brand and increase our ’social reach’. We attended car shows all round Ireland producing photo and film content for our LSUK TV Channel and Website. 

In 2016 we took the jump to have our first ever ’Trade Shop’ at a local well attended show called Dubshed. With a pop up gazebo, some dodgy shelves and a wallpaper pasting table, we boxed up all our merchandise and headed into the unknown. The event, then was a Saturday setup day and Sunday event day. We SOLD OUT of practically all our merchandise on the Saturday and had to go home and stay up to all hours trying to print more clothing for the actual event day! Was a fantastic memory that I'll never forget, probably the point I realised how lucky we were to have the support we did. 

Our show became an annual event attracting more cars and spectators each year including cars from UK growing incredibly quickly we began running out of space at our venue and with good N.Irish weather never on our side in 2017 knew we needed to start trying to source and indoor venue. 
Whilst searching for the ‘right’ venue I felt it was a good time to address the fact that our event and brand both had the same name and was hard to promote them in different ways. So after some thought, designs and head bashing we birthed ’SoLow Automotive Event’ which ran its first year in 2019 a state of the art venue with huge room to grow, indoors and based here in N.Ireland. 
This year with no events due to Covid19 we have focused a lot on our brand, service, quality and design. Re-launching our website, launching a new clothing range and working on some collaborations with some great people. We have been absolutely blown away by all the support we have received because without you guys we could do nothing! 
So a huge thank you once again and we look forward to seeing where this crazy, amazing LetstanceUK adventure takes us with you guys!  
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