In celebration of our new press car branding, we are focusing each day for the next 7 days around our brand partners. You may have noticed that there are 7 brand names on the car, these are all partners and friends of our brand. We are starting the focus on @jmcmixeddrinks who we have been working with for over a year now. We have worked with Jack on cocktail videos, menu developments for venues and bespoke bars. 
Jack and I (Kiron) have known each other since we were 10 years old, so it's amazing to be able to work together now and share a passion for drinks. 
'Growing up I had always worked in hospitality, and particularly in pubs. My passion for cocktails and spirits started when I began working for Merlin Griffiths. Merlin, a well respected bartender within the industry, ignited my passion for mixology and taught me a huge amount about mixing drinks and customer service. 
I decided to start J.M.C after being inspired by Jon Favreau’s “Chef.” This made me focus my attention on mixing drinks, and to start growing my presence within the industry. Bartenders are a terrific family to be involved with, and this industry has provided me with a job I truly love doing.'
Check out our cocktail page where many of Jack's cocktails are featured, if you are looking for your personal masterclass then be sure to get in contact with Jack. There will be plenty more content coming from us involving Jack, if there are any cocktails in particular you'd like to see then let us know. 

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