Breaking The Ice - Beth Halsey (LUXE UNDERWEAR)

In todays Breaking The Ice, we talk with Beth Halsey, founder of Luxe Underwear.
- What do you enjoy most about what you do?
The fact that I’m my own boss and get to live my dream, work just doesn’t feel like work!
- If you were a cocktail, what you would be and why?
A Pornstar martini, because it’s heaven in a glass, sounds sexy, and what other cocktail comes with a shot on the side
- What was your last 'normal' job?
Events manager for an F1 ticketing company
- What is the best bar you've been to?
None spring to mind, but I’d love to go to the Alchemist, the cocktails look so cool!
- What advice would you give your younger self?
Don’t rush, you’ve got your whole life, and always be yourself
We hope you enjoyed reading more about the woman behind Luxe, don't forget to check out their stunning collections for both men and women 
Beth Halsey Enjoying RK VODKA (Founder of Luxe Underwear)




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