8 Strange Alternative Uses For Vodka

It goes without saying that the number one use for any high quality vodka is to enjoy it in your favourite beverage, ideally super cold! However, there have been some interesting uses of vodka and so we thought we'd share them with you.

1. Freshening Clothes

If you have a suit that can't be taken to the dry cleaners, then vodka may be your answer! Spraying the clothes with a little bit of vodka will eliminate bad smelling bacteria and once it dries your clothes will be odour free. Don't worry you won't smell of vodka. 

2. Treating Poison Ivy

If you find yourself itching heavily due to coming into contact with a rash-inducing plant such as poison ivy, having some vodka to hand will help. Supposedly, pouring vodka on a rash will help wash away the oils released from the plant that cause discomfort to your skin.

3. Preventing Dandruff

If you add a shot of vodka to a glass of water and rinse your hair after washing it, it will keep prevent any left over shampoo or dry skin flakes building up. The vodka lowers the Ph value and therefore keeps your hair frizz free and shiny! 

4.  Make A Flexible Ice Pack

Mixing vodka and water into a freezer bag will lower the overall freezing temperature of the liquid. This means that the end result will be a very cold 'ice pack' that is flexible and be moulded around injured body parts etc.

5. Bug Repellent

Vodka is incredibly effective insect repellent. Either pour some vodka into a spray bottle and apply it lightly to your skin or pour some into a dish and leave it on the table to help repel bugs!

6. Aftershave

The key ingredient to most aftershaves is alcohol, it makes for a great disinfectant and prevents inflammation. Vodka has a good balance of alcohol which isn't too aggressive on the skin. 

7.  Clean Windows

Another product that relies on the main ingredient being alcohol is window cleaner. You can add vodka to your spray bottle and you'll have a very effective window cleaner.

8. Clean Mould or Grease

As long as the mould issue hasn't got too out of hand, vodka will be able to help clean mouldy spots. Simply pour some vodka in the water and let your dishes soak in the solution to help remove grease. 

Vodka is clearly a multi purpose household item, however we suggest saving the good stuff for your own personal consumption and maybe find a better use for some of the harsher vodkas that may be gathering dust at the back of your drinks cupboard.


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