With Black Friday fast approaching, this is the perfect time to not only get your hands on some truly breathtaking British tipples, it's also a great way to support craft brands. You don't need reminding of the impact of COVID-19 but craft drinks brands are being hugely affected and need your support this Christmas. Here are ten craft drink brands that have a huge amount in common with ourselves and you need to have a look at this Black Friday:
During a trip to the French Alps, the brilliant minds behind Jubel Beer discovered a couple of things during their time at a bar called, La Folie Douce. The first was the name of a song called 'Jubel' which translates to 'a feeling of extreme joy. This song was heard often during the apres-ski celebrations. The second was a traditional beer called 'demi-peche' which was is a pint of lager topped with a peach. 
Demi-peche combines the refreshment of a fruit cider but with the dry finish of a lager, it is particularly popular in the French ski resorts. This style of beer was near impossible to procure in the UK, and from here JUBEL was born. A multi award winning beer and a particular favourite of ours, check out their range of flavours. A really unique Christmas gift for any beer lover this year. 

Pinnock Distillery are super local to us, based in Warwickshire. Their gin produced in small batches of just 90 bottles and is copper distilled! As you know we are a big fan of copper distilling, this is a must try this Christmas for any gin lover.
The Pinnock's Gin is made using locally sourced ingredients such as honey, lavender and quince and combining this will flavours from around the world. These include orange peel and cubeb pepper. Each bottle is hand bottled and labeled to ensure a truly craft finish. 
The craft movement recognises the values of niche brands sourcing local ingredients and embracing innovative production methods.
The creators of this craft rum bounced back from the burning of their barn and instead of giving up, they created Burning Barn Rum. 
The fire was the inspiration for the flavours they offer. The smoked rum is cold smoked with apple tree wood that has been in the family for over 30 years. The spiced rum is made roasted by hand on the family farm. A truly craft rum that rum lovers need to try this Christmas! 
Aldwick Estate is an award-winning, vineyard. It is overlooked by an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.
Set amidst the rolling Mendip Hills, and surrounded by the charm of a working Somerset Vineyard, the venue in its entirety is perfect for weddings and other events. 
Aldwick offer a wide range of different wines all made right here in England, be sure to check out their wines:
The Birmingham Brewing Company opened their doors in November 2016 with the desire to create local, craft beers that were top quality. The best way to make any top quality drink is to use the best ingredients available, that's exactly what the team at Birmingham Brewing Company have done! Not only do they create high quality beer with unique flavours, the beers are vegan friendly and gluten free to ensure the beers can be enjoyed by all.
Enjoy a local beer this Christmas and check out their range below:
The Duck and Crutch Gin team is made up of a self taught distiller, a creative designer and the family sausage dog. Quite the formidable trio! The brand was born between the four walls of the garden, after the desire to run their own drinks brand became too strong to ignore. After testing different batches and perfecting the recipe, Duck and Crutch now provide a truly artisan gin that you need to try this Christmas! 
The Douglas Laing distillery was founded in 1948 and to this day remains as a family owned business. With over 70 years experience and time to tinker and refine their process, the Douglas Laing products are outstanding. With an ethos of 'we add nothing and take nothing away from our spirit' you are as close as you can possibly get to a dram straight from the cask. Definitely worth checking out for any whisky lover.
Founders Oli and Sam met during their time at university where they instantly bonded over their mutual love of beer. Sam began tinkering with brewing whilst at university and continued after graduating, before opening up their very own brewery in 2018. Based in the midlands, Attic provide a truly craft beer experience, be sure to check them out. 
Founders, Matt and Jordan were bartenders by trade and created Lixir as a way to shake up the industry and bring something new to the world of mixers. Their products are high quality with a huge focus on big flavour with low calories and sugar, but most importantly no artificial flavourings. Lixir really adds another level to your favour vodka or gin and tonic, be sure to check them out this Christmas.
Last but certainly not least, us!

rewind back to a day which should have been spent studying whilst at Harper Adams University. Instead procrastination took hold and got us thinking and researching the artisan process of creating vodka. We discovered that this process of distilling vodka resulted in a much higher quality product and decided to create our own, RK Vodka. We wanted to combine the quality of a handmade spirit with the brand image of a household name, creating the best of both worlds. A vodka with character but remains silky smooth. We hope you have found something special amongst this list of brilliant British drinks brands, enjoy! 













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