Breaking The Ice - Jordan Clarke (SLAMMED UK)

Our latest segment helps you get to know some of the people we work with a little bit better. Over the next few weeks we will be providing our subscribers the opportunity to submit their own questions so be sure to subscribe if you haven't already! In our first article we talk to founder of SLAMMED UK, Jordan Clarke....
- What do you enjoy most about what you do?
That’s a difficult one, I enjoy pretty much everything I do, planning my big event, planning smaller events, helping people with their social media, running a lifestyle brand and coming up with new designs and products all the time, working with designers, photographers and influencers, and of course the cars. Being able to turn what you’re really passionate about into a business and a living is something I’m very grateful for. 
- If you were a cocktail, what you would be and why?
As Espresso Martini, because I’m always buzzing and I’m a proper morning person! 
- What was your last 'normal' job?
My last normal job was ‘Business Development Executive’. Sounds much better than it was, my job was basically to drive around supermarkets and make sure they’re stocking the correct beers for my company, build relationships with store managers etc. Although as it wasn’t what I was passionate about I tended to toe the line and concentrate more on SlammedUK, I was then faced with handing in my notice or getting fired, so I swiftly handed in my notice, and here we are today! 
- What is the best bar you've been to?
The best bar I’ve been to… that’s a good question. I don’t actually go out THAT much, there’s a little roof-top bar in Portugal that we go to as a family I really like. But in the UK, I’ve been to a lot of bars etc. but can’t really think of one that stands out to be honest, I don’t really go out to bars that much I’m more of a foodie! 
- What advice would you give your younger self?
Good question, probably to run with ideas sooner, take more risks and don’t waste money on stupid cars, not that I’d have listened to anyone telling me any of that!
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Jordan Clarke - SLAMMED UK

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